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Lake Forest, CA

I have been going to big name shops, little independent shops, and even those Asian shops that do nails in bulk for many years. I originally found Sherri through Instagram when she was doing her competition. I instantly fell in love with her work, but she was working way out in Redlands, and I couldn't make the drive. So when I found out that she had landed in Orange County, I was thrilled! I booked an appointment with her, and she gave me the most beautiful set of hard gel nails I've ever seen. The shape was perfect, the curve was perfect, her lines were immaculately clean, and her artwork was to die for! She even hand painted my dog on my nails from a picture I showed her on my phone. I love this girl, and will never go anywhere else!

Laguna Hills

OMG, Sherri does the BEST nails! Highly recommended!

Rancho Santa Margarita

This girl is phenomenal! If I could give 10 stars, I would!

Yucaipa, CA

Sherri finishes off each manicure session with a hand massage that is amazing! She told me that when she was younger, she went to massage school to be a physical therapist. It definitely shows! I needed a seat belt, because I kept almost falling out of the chair, I was so relaxed!

Lake Forest, CA

Sherri saved my nails! I went to one of those chain shops down the road because I was in a rush before leaving town for a wedding. The nail tech there didn't speak English very well, and only talked to her Vietnamese friend at the next desk the whole time. Very awkward. When my set was finished, it was lumpy, the cuticles were left ragged, and my fingers were red and sore for days afterward. The acrylic set that I had done began lifting two days after I had them done, and I noticed that my natural nails were thin, and flexing a lot. When I went back after my trip, the owner insisted that I mistreated the nails, and that I must have submerged them in water or something. I knew that I hadn't, but the owner wasn't going to take responsibility for the shoddy work done in her salon. I heard about Sherri through my friend, Lisa. The second Sherri saw my nails, she asked me a series of questions. It turns out that nail techs should not spend 10 minutes filing your natural nails. They should only be lightly filing the surface to give the acrylic a surface to adhere to. What happened is the other nail tech filed too much of my natural nail away, and they were in danger of breaking. Sherri suggested that I do a hard gel set, and even built the nails out to the length that I wanted them to be, since the other nail tech made them too short. Sherri's gel nails lasted TWO WEEKS, and the only reason I went back in was because I needed a fill. The nails were still absolutely gorgeous! And the good news is, her gel protected and strengthened my natural nails underneath so they had time to grow out!