Next Top Nail Artist Season 3 – Pre-Challenge #2

Next Top Nail Artist – Season 3: Pre-Challenge #2

To decide the last six contestants eliminated form the semi-final rounds, we were asked to create a 3D set of nails across 10 nail tips. We were asked to come up with a three-word tagline that best described us, with CND's, "Nails. Beauty. Fashion." tagline as inspiration.

NailsTV – How-To – Filing Nail Shapes

NailsTV Instructional – How to File Nail Shapes

Sherri was asked to travel to Nails Magazine headquarters in Hawthorne for a full-day of shaping and filing for the NailsTV cameras!

NTNA 2014 – Pre-Challenge – 3D Music-Inspired Nail Tip

Next Top Nail Artist 2014 – Pre-Challenge 1 – Music Inspired Nail Tip

For the first challenge of Next Top Nail Artist, 2014, we were tasked with creating 3D art on a single nail tip that best represented our taste in music. I chose the Pawnshop Kings, two brothers who fuse southern rock with Southern California surf undertones. They are an up-and-coming Christian band, so I decided to best represent what one of their shows feels like.

Each PSK show is very intimate, and humble. I wanted to simplify the nail down to the very essence of what their story is. So I painted the nail tip in a wood grain pattern for the stage, built their signature acoustic guitar and a Fender amp, then topped it all off with their trademark upside down crown. The crown represents how the brothers hang all of their talent on Christ.

Out of all the nails I designed for Next Top Nail Artist, this is the one that people keep talking about. I'm so very proud of it!

NTNA 2014 – Week 2 – In Too Deep

Next Top Nail Artist 2014 – Top 12 – Week 2 – In Too Deep

This challenge, sponsored by BioSeaweed Gel, had us interpret the tagline, "In Too Deep" and put it on a set of five nail tips. I immediately thought of an intrepid crew of deep sea explorers coming face-to-face with a leviathan of the deep. My husband actually suggested that I create a hybrid beast that took elements from multiple sea creatures, including the angler fish, so I could capitalize on a set of LED lights that I had laying around.

This set earned me a spot in the Top 3 that week.

NTNA 2014 – Week 4 – International Nails

NTNA 2014 – Week 4 – Top 10 – International Nails

Sponsored by INM, the judges wanted to know where we came from, and asked to see 3D art on a set of five nail tips that best represented our heritage. Since I'm Dutch, German and Scottish, I wanted to create a tapestry of culture across the nails, with the flags of each country swooping over the nails, framed out by the best representations of those cultures.

NTNA 2014 – Week 6 – Dashing Diva

NTNA 2014 – Week 6 – Dashing Diva

Dashing Diva makes nail appliques. This week, they wanted us to design anything that would work on a set of mass-manufactured appliques. Decked out with tons of Swarovski crystals, this set takes its inspiration from Poison Arrow Dart Frogs.