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All About Sherri

Who is this crazy nail lady?

Sherri Traweek (tray•wick) is an up-and-coming nail artist in the booming nail art industry. In 2014, she was selected from among hundreds of applicants to compete in the Top 24 of Nails Magazine's Next Top Nail Artist. She eventually made her way into the Top 6 by virtue of her amazing 3D sculpting, imaginative designs, and dedication to impeccable technique. She was recently selected as a Finalist in Next Top Nail Artist Season 3! Be sure to follow her progress throughout the competition here, and on her Facebook Fan Page.

She currently works inside Hair by Sharon on State Street in beautiful Downtown Redlands. In the four years she has been a nail technician, she has built up a loyal clientele who travel from all over Southern California to have her services performed. Her impeccable technique, clean design, and mastery over gel and acrylic application have clientele raving over not only the quality of her work, but also the longevity of her nails. It's pretty common to have a set of her nails last weeks, not the typical 3-4 days you find in chain nail shops.

Where the heck did she come from?

Sherri was born and raised in Redlands, California to Rick and Terrie Bisher. It was from Rick that Sherri got her knack for all things creative. In 2011, looking for a new direction in life, Sherri went to cosmetology school to learn how to do hair. What she didn't know was that nail art was going to become her lifelong passion, and take her on a crazy journey that found her in the Top 6 Finalists in Nails Magazine's Next Top Nail Artist in 2014.

Where is she going?

Straight off of her appearance in Nails Magazine's Next Top Nail Artist, and becoming known within the inner circles of the nail industry, she's focused herself on improving her technique, style, and application. Her overall goal is to open her own nail salon (and if you know her, you know it's going to be awesome!), and become an educator with a company she believes in. Her passion is proper technique, and she absolutely loathes "chop shops" that run you through like cattle, and destroy your natural nails in the process. She's long been an advocate for proper training and protocols, natural nail care, and proper handling of product. Her friends, family and clients believe that she is going to make and extremely positive impact on the industry for many years to come.

What Clients Say About Sherri

Miracle Worker!

Lake Forest, CA

5/5/5 Stars.

Sherri saved my nails! I went to one of those chain shops down the road because I was in a rush before leaving town for a wedding. The nail tech there didn't speak English very well, and only talked to her Vietnamese friend at the next desk the whole time. Very awkward. When my set