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Sherri Lands in Downtown Redlands!

Sherri’s Redlands clients have been waiting a long time, and that time is finally here! Sherri has landed in Redlands again! Located at 233 E. State Street, suite J (inside Hair by Sharon) in Downtown Redlands, she’s now in the middle of one of the most vibrant retail and foodie […]

7 Things a Guy Should Know Before Dating a Nail Tech 9

My wife was not a nail tech when I first met her. She was just a normal, 25-year old girl who liked Starbucks (that’s where we first met in-person), belting out Kelly Clarkson, and flirting with some ruggedly handsome guy who hadn’t yet gone fat and bald.

Instead, I had the pleasure of watching her transform into a nail tech, like some ravenous werewolf howling at the full moon – one that fed not on the blood of its unfortunate victims, but on nail polish. It overtook her entire life, and by proxy, mine as well.

To prepare you for this magical journey you’re about to embark on, I wanted to share with you young bucks out there a few of the things I’ve learned over the past few years of being co-habitated with a full-blown, purple-haired nail addict.

Welcome to Sherri Traweek Nail Designs

Hey everyone! Welcome to! As this site grows in the coming years, it will be a repository for anything and everything nail-related! I’ll be posting news, tutorials, reviews and articles periodically, as well as offering exclusive offers and deals through the website. So make sure you create an account, […]